15th January, 2010



The Collective Will of The SOTSK 45

Something special happened between January 7th, when 45 of us, mostly strangers, took our first steps on the trail and January 12th, when we set out on that same trail, in the middle of the night, to climb to the summit…

In those days between, the 45 of us became one. Unspoken, but felt by everyone…a desire for all of us to make it to the top. No one wanted to be the one who didn’t make it…but even more important, everyone wanted everyone else to make it.

We were climbing for all those without access to clean water, we were climbing for Kenna, we were climbing for ourselves, our friends and family, and we were climbing for all of you who followed us this week…

For some it was relatively easy, for others it was the most grueling physical experience of their lives. We plodded through cold, wind and snow and 7 hours after we set out for the summit, all 45 of us were united at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,340 feet above Africa.

Kenna’s What If — a Summit on the Summit — became reality.

Had we been climbing as individuals, several of us might not have made it this time. Our guides were shocked, telling us they’d never seen a group as large as ours pull off 100% summit success on the route we climbed.

And as we stood on the summit sharing hugs and tears, we bore witness to the power of our collective will, having driven each other not just to a higher physical location but to a heightened state of mind.

We all have mountains to climb in our lives. You don’t have to climb yours alone. So rally your own team and see what happens when your climb’s fueled by the collective will of a group.

The SOTSK 45

Dr. Greg Allgood
Bernise Ang
Melissa Arnot
Jessica Biel
Jason Blackburn
Mike Bonfiglio
Nikki Bottolene
Jimmy Chin
Joanna Cichocki
Katie Cordes
Alexandra Cousteau
Artur Dziewecynski
Kristin Ethridge
Shannon Ethridge
Brooke Fedro
Elizabeth Gore
Thomas Grimshaw
Eric Guichard
Kent Harvey
Thomas Holden
Simon Isaacs
Emilie Hirsch
Lupe Fiasco
Marcin Kapron
Lewis Kay
Kick Kennedy
Jay Lavender
Ray Leakey
Manuel Linnig
Isabel Lucas
Ivan Maucuit
Travis Miller
Rachel Morrison
Michael Muller
Eddie O’ Connor
Nick Pacelli
Dave Ruddick
Cherie Silvera
Antoine Struys
Jason Walsh
Chris Weil
Justin Wilkes
Bill Winters

I’m in awe of this group.  So much respect for them and damn, it is so very fuckin’ cool that they did this.


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